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By Ram Karan Sharma, Vaidya Bhagwan Dash

Vol. I. Sutra Sthana: Introduction/Alex Wayman. Foreword/Pandit Shiv Sharma Preface 1. Quest for sturdiness (Dirghanjivitiya). 2. Dehusked seeds of Achyranthes Aspera Linn. (Apamargatanduliya). three. Cassia Fistula Linn. (Aragvadhiya). four. 600 purgatives (Sadvirecanasatasritiya). five. Quantitative dietetics (Matrasitiya). 6. Qualitative dietetics (Tasyasitiya). 7. Non-suppression of common urges (Navegandharaniya). eight. Description of experience organs (Indriyopakramaniya). nine. short bankruptcy at the quadruple of therapeutics (Khuddakacatuspada). 10. specific bankruptcy at the quadruple of therapeutics (Mahacatuspada). eleven. 3 simple wants of lifestyles (Tisraisaniya). 12. advantages and demerits of Vata (Vatakalakaliya). thirteen. Oleation treatment (Sneha). 14. Fomentation treatment (Sveda). 15. standards of a doctor (Upakalpaniya). sixteen. tasks of a certified surgeon (Cikitsaprabhrtiya). 17. Enumeration of illnesses in terms of head (Kiyantah sirasiya). 18. 3 varieties of swelling (Trisothiya). 19. 8 stomach illnesses (Astodariya). 20. significant bankruptcy on ailments (Maharogadhyaya). 21. 8 different types of bad structure (Astauninditiya). 22. lowering and nourishing cures (Langhanabrmhaniya). 23. fresh routine (Santarpaniya). 24. Blood formation and the routine therefor (Vidhisonitiya). 25. starting place of guy and his illnesses (Jajjahpurusiya). 26. Discourse between Atreya, Bhadrakapya etc., (Atreyabhadrakapiya). 27. homes of nutrition and beverages (Annapanavidhi). 28. a number of sorts of foods and drinks (Vividhasitapitiya). 29. Ten hotels of existence (Dasapranayataniya). 30. Ten vessels having their roots within the middle (Arthedasamahamuliya). Vol. II. Nidanasthana-Indriyasthan: I. Nidanasthana: 1. analysis of fever (Jvara Nidana). 2. prognosis of Raktapitta a characterized through bleeding from quite a few elements of the physique (Raktapitta Nidana). three. prognosis of Gulma or phantom tumour (Gulma Nidana). four. prognosis of Prameha or obstinate urinary problems together with diabetes mellitus (Prameha Nidana). five. analysis of Kustha or obstinate pores and skin ailments together with leprosy (Kustha-Nidana). 6. analysis of intake (Sosa Nidana). 7. prognosis of madness (Unmada Nidana). eight. prognosis of epilepsy (Apasmara Nidana). II. Vimanasthana: 1. particular attributes of Rasa or tastes (Rasa Vimana). 2. particular features of belly ability (Trividhakuksiya Vimana). three. Epidemics (Janapadodhvamsaniya Vimana). four. decision of things for figuring out illnesses (Trividha roga visesavijnaniya Vimana). five. Channels of flow (Sroto Vimana). 6. particular features of ailments (Roganika Vimana). 7. particular features of sufferers (Vyadhitarupiya Vimana). eight. particular standards of therapy (Rogabhisagjitiya Vimana). III. Sarira Sthana: 1. Empirical soul (Katidhapurusiya Sarira). 2. Embryological improvement (Atulyagotriya Sarira). three. Formation of embryo (Khuddika Garbhavakranti Sarira). four. Formation of embryo (Mahati Garbhavakranti Sarira). five. person and universe (Purusavicaya Sarira). 6. structure of body (Sariravicaya Sarira). 7. Enumeration of organs (Sarirasamkhya Sarira). eight. approach to procreation (Jatisutriya Sarira). IV. Indriyasthana: 1. alterations in complexion and voice indicating drawing close loss of life (Varna svariya Indriya). 2. adjustments in odour indicating approaching dying (Puspitaka Indriya). three. Tacticle alterations indicating forthcoming dying (Parimarsaniya Indriya). four. attribute gains of experience organs indicating coming near near loss of life (Indriyanika Indriya). five. Premon

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