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By Robert Wolfe

The deeply-felt reputation that absolutely the is all that's, and therefore that needs to comprise you, is the life-changing substance of enlightenment. All issues are That, you in addition to all different people: there's in basic terms That, within the experience of final, everlasting truth. How, then, does one dwell one’s lifestyles whilst the current understanding is “I am That, and all else is That”; while the notion of being a “separate person” has dissolved, and the ego (Latin for “I”) is not any longer on the heart of one’s point of view? “Real-i-zation” (the “enlightenment” the aspirant has sought) skill “to make real”. How will we make the real—the essence of undying reality—the critical expression of absolutely the viewpoint we've got came across to be unavoidably our personal? To “make genuine” in one’s existence and actions the notice that “all that's, is That” is necessarily a life-altering engagement. Are you ready to “live” with this discovery this day?

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