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By Susan Shumsky

"Ascension takes to the air in an unlimited new path. i actually think your insights into your self and the realm during which you reside might be altered without end by way of interpreting this book."
--James Van Praagh, non secular medium, writer of Unfinished Business

"In her unique and exact paintings Ascension, Shumsky manages to unearth arcane secret teachings that easily can't be chanced on in different places. Ascension not just tells the background legends of varied Immortal Masters and Ascended Beings, however it additionally presents the key keys that free up the door to actual immortality. i am excited to claim she has written and illustrated another marvelous ebook. learn this one correct now!"
--Dr. Joe Vitale, writer, The Attractor Factor,

"Ascension might be a thrill in your soul! it is going to circulation you from the mundane to the fabulous. every person merits to understand their actual power and you'll be in radical amazement that actual Immortality and Ascension will be yours. thanks, Susan. Your paintings is amazing."
--Sondra Ray, writer of l7 books, together with Rock Your international With The Divine Mother

"This selection of immortal beings is never present in one position. we will examine them to turn on extra of our divine potential."
--Leonard D. Orr, writer of Breaking the loss of life behavior: The technological know-how of eternal Life.

You won't ever die. past the mortal limitations of your actual shape, you're an immortal being, dwelling perpetually in a beauteous, radiant physique of luminous spheres in a number of dimensions. Ascension: Connecting With the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light will open your eyes to those spheres. you'll start to wake up your precise, immortal self an impressive being of fabulous mild, radiance, and glory.

Ascension leads you into the depths of your being to recuperate what will be referred to as your greater self, parent angel, internal guru, non secular consultant, master-teacher, or God inside of. you'll meet and consciously converse with deities, angels, archangels, and masters from around the globe traditions, in addition to with divine beings own and targeted to you. them all are desirous to meet and converse with you.

In this attention-grabbing publication, you are going to discover:
how you can meet the ascended masters and angels of light.
Stories, attractive work, and drawings of those immortal beings.
What it capability to event ascension and stroll past death.
Stories approximately visitations from divine beings.
People residing this present day who could be ascended masters.
Inspiring messages from the immortal masters and deities.

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